With a number of recent acquisitions, we have the best selection of Robert Wood's work that we have had in many years - possibly since our exhibition in honor of the 100th anniversary of his birth in 1989. Our selection of paintings includes a number of his sought-after Texas scenes, California marines, mountain scenes and spectacular autumn scenes. We will have new early Texas works by Robert Wood coming soon.

"Bluebonnets in Texas" is a beautifully painted Texas scene by the American artist Robert W. Wood. It features a broad field of Bluebonnets on one of the old pioneer ranches that Wood loved to paint.The farmhouse is framed by a pair of oak trees that are so characteristic of the Texas hill country. The rolling hills of the background stand out against a sky with puffy white clouds. This work was painted in the 1950s on one of Wood’s trips back to Texas and came to us from an old Texas family. It is in pristine condition.
    Bluebonnets in Texas                    Oil on Canvas                   24" x 36"
“Bluebonnet Sunset” is a rare early Texas plein-air painting with a wonderful story. This depiction of the setting sun, which was painted about 1930, was given by the artist to the young woman who sold his painting supplies at Joskies’, a department store in San Antonio. Wood was an English gentelman and this type of gift was not an unusual practice - especially when an attractive woman was involved! It is an unusual work because it depicts the blue lupin - the “Bluebonnets” of the title - against the drama of the setting sun. The oak trees on each side of the composition, which are in shadow, frame the field of bluebonnets,which are lit by the warm colors of the setting sun.
    Texas Blue                            Oil on Canvas                              18" x 24 "
"West Wind" is an exceptional marine by the artist. Painted in 1954, when Wood was at the peak of his fame, it depicts the crashing surf on the shore of Laguna Beach. For this work the artist used not only his brush but relied extensively on the palette knife. Obtained from the family of the original purchaser, "West Wind" is in immaculate condition, and is complete with its original, hand-carved frame.
    West Wind                            Oil on Canvas                             24" x 36 "  
“The Lone Beech” is one of Robert Wood’s best-known images. In the 1950s, the Donald Art Company of New York reproduced “The Lone Beech” as a popular lithograph, distributing it nationally and internationally. This work dates back to the early 1950s, when Robert Wood spent a period in the art colony of Woodstock, New York. It was the paintings that he did in Woodstock that made Wood the most famous painter of the American landscape.
    The Lone Beech                         Oil on Canvas                        24" x 36 "  
This is a rare scene of the early autumn in the Texas Hill Country. This work came to us from a family in Austin, who obtained the painting from Robert Wood in the early 1930s. With a quiet pool surrounded by trees changing colors against a backdrop of gently rolling hills, “Texas Autumn” is a beautiful rendition of a quiet corner of the vast state of Texas.
    Texas Autumn                         Oil on Canvas                          20" x 24"

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