With a number of recent acquisitions, we have the best selection of Robert Wood's work that we have had in many years - possibly since our exhibition in honor of the 100th anniversary of his birth in 1989. Our selection of paintings includes a number of his sought-after Texas scenes, California marines, mountain scenes and spectacular autumn scenes.


"Bluebonnet Vista" (c. 1928) is one of Robert Wood's finest small wildflower scenes. Rather than a sketch, this early work is a beautifully composed painting with warm outdoor color and in the background the blue hills of the Texas Hill Country.

   Bluebonnet Vista                                 Oil on Canvas                             12" x 16"

This early (c. 1930) Robert Wood has never been on the market before. It depicts one of the old pioneer ranches that Wood loved to paint. It is very detailed, well composed and has beautiful, luminous color. Excellent condition.

   Spring's Bounty                                Oil on Panel                                   20" x 30"
"Dream Lake" is one of Robert Wood's finest mountain scenes. It was painted high in Rocky Mountain National Park, where Mt. Hallett looms over the aptly titled "Dream Lake." The colors are deep and rich and the monumental peak is beautifully painted.
   Dream Lake                                    Oil on Canvas                                    25" x 30"  
“Tumbling Surf" is a subtle sunset painted by Robert W. Wood while he was at the peak of his artistic powers and fame. This work was painted in 1956 when Wood was the best known artist in the Laguna Art Colony. The first colors of the setting sun are reflected in the pounding surf - a beautiful depiction of a sunny California afternoon.
   Tumbling Surf                                     Oil on Canvas                                24" x 36"  
   Bluebonnets of Texas                              Oil on Canvas                         20" x 30"
"Texas Bluebnonnets" is a lovely depiction of springtime in the Texas hill country done while Robert Wood was on a trip to visit his daughter in San Antonio. It is in excellent condition and dated as many of the plein air works. "Texas Bluebonnets" is rare in that it is a medium-sized work, as his 25" x 30" and 24" x 36" works are much more common.
Texas Bluebonnets                                Oil on Canvas                            18" x 24"
"Path of Gold" is the original for one of Wood's best-loved reproductions. Depicting the autumn in upstate New York, it has been in the collection of a California family since it was painted.
More paintings available for purchase
Path of Gold                                      Oil on Canvas                                  25" x 30"